We care about water, because without, there is no life.

We help people to get access to water, while becoming independent from third-party support. We differentiate from traditional development aid and act as philanthropic investors:
  • We are a non-profit organisation
  • Any capital, which is repaid, flows into new projects, thereby creating new impact and independence for new people
  • we have fulfilled our mission when everyone has access to clean water

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Aiming higher. For the benefit of others.

Money raised (CHF)
People with access to safe drinking water

Success Stories

Proud of our achievements, but striving for more.

We currently work on providing safe drinking water to the people in Nepal and work on the following projects:

Together with our project partners, we seek positive impact, economically, socially, ecologically and healthwise.

About Us

We are a core team of dedicated professionals, who are committed to dropforelife’s mission.

We are passionate about our business model and ambitious to change the world of traditional development aid. We are strong in our position and constantly learn to improve, adapt and correct what is jeopardizing our mission.

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Our philanthropic investors make a difference and include amongst others:

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Make a contribution to philanthropic investing

Join our movement and support our goal «Clean Water for Everyone» through the implementation of more private sector acting, leading to higher independence and better quality of living for the people in need. The financial contribution covers external expenses and fees to run the foundation (CHF 1’800 in 2017, total expenses amounted to CHF 10’600, of which CHF 8’600 were donated to the organization). The team works on a voluntary basis (in 2017 a total of 71 days). The capital invested in projects amounts to CHF 500’000. For more details see our annual activity reports of the foundation.
Beyond regular memberships, we are thankful for your support in one of the following roles:
  • Legacy contributions
  • Service Partner, helping us to stay lean to maximize investments into our purpose
  • Project Partner, executing projects on site together with the people in need
  • Sponsoring Partner, participating with amounts from CHF 10’000 to CHF 49’999
  • Financing Partner, helping us to realise a specific project with amounts starting from CHF 50’000

If you are interested or would like to receive more infomation, send us an email.

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