Women Group Social Enterprise, area of Kathmandu, Nepal

Investment size:
CHF 39’000 planned in total
Social entrepreneurship business for 10 women groups (planned)
Financing partner:
Walder Wyss AG

What is the project all about?

In Patan, an urban area of Kathmandu, groups of three women get together and start a micro-business with the purpose to sell safe drinking water to their local communities. Currently, we work with three different groups to gain experience and learn how to implement the concept for maximum impact.


The underlying technology used is identical with the Safe Water Program applied in the schools (Swiss based Antenna’s WATASOL). The local implementation partner is ECCA.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our local partner ECCA reports results on a half-year basis, following defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) providing information on the success of the program. In addition, we aim for annual visits on site.