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As a member of our organization you become an important part of the dropforlife community. Join us today and benefit from regular information on all our activities. Once a year, all members meet in the Zurich area to hear the latest news and exchange ideas to enhance our impact. Be part of this.
Choose your level of commitment. Any contribution is fully tax-deducible for Swiss residents.
  • CHF 100.- per year
  • CHF 500.- per year
  • CHF 1’000.- per year

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As a non-profit organization we want to keep our cost base to a minimum, so that the maximum contribution can be used for its main purpose: to improve the level of safe drinking water in countries of need and help the people to become independent though social entrepreneurship.
If you consider becoming an active member, please let us know and we can discuss areas where you can help, be it in fund-raising, project management, controlling, partner management or other services. 

For those who want to help locally, join us as a partner.

Beyond regular memberships, we are thankful for your support in one of the following roles:
  • Service Partner, helping us to stay lean in all support areas
  • Project Partner, contributing to our mission directly where help is needed
  • Sponsoring Partner, participating with amounts from CHF 10’000 to CHF 49,999
  • Financing Partner, realising a specific project with amounts of CHF 50’000+
If your are interested or would like more infomation, just write us an email or leave us a message below.

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The idea underlying dropforlife is: «Clean Water for Everyone». This goal motivates all the activities of the organization. Clean drinking water is a prerequisite for every human life. In many regions of the world, access to clean water is not a reality. This results in fatal consequences for the people who live in these regions and their opportunities for development.


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