dropforlife’s project partner ECCA has successfully completed the Safe Water Program Phase II, which ran from 2015 – 2017.

The objective to integrate 15 new schools in the program has been reached. At the end of Phase II, more than 15’500 people had gained sustainable access to safe drinking water in a total of 25 schools. In addition, approximately 57’000 bottles of WATASOL were produced for sale or free distribution, thus increasing the number of people having access to safe water. This represents a total of almost 13.7 million litres of purified water. This in turn, can provide safe drinking water for almost 1’900 households of 5 people over a one-year period.

Awareness raising and educational activities took place within the schools and within the surrounding communities. These activities were organised and performed by the Nature Club members.

Final Report Safe Water Program Phase II